CMC 2009

Green Telecom Live was given the opportunity of hosting a session at this year’s CommsDay Melbourne Congress, held on the 13th and 14th of October at the Langham Hotel, Melbourne. A total of six speakers from IBM, BT, Macquarie Hosting, Connection Research, Ericsson and Telstra, presented at the Green Telecom session of the event.

This year’s event differed from our session in 2008 in that more focus was put on the benefits and opportunities of moving towards a sustainable future can bring to the telecoms and ICT industry, including emerging segments such as smart grids, cloud computing, and green IT.

In the morning session, Dr Christopher Pavlovski from IBM brought to the session his expertise on the communications requirements of smart grids, and why utility companies are bypassing the telecoms infrastructure and building out their own smart grids networks. BT’s Graham Smith revealed some measurable benefits of the operator’s sustainability policies and practices. Macquarie Hosting’s Leonard Chan led a discussion on the transformation of traditional IT deployments to cloud-based infrastructures.

The afternoon session led off with Connection Research’s Graeme Philipson, who spoke extensively on his work in coming up with a framework for defining and measuring green IT practices. Ericsson’s Bruce McCole followed with his insight on the need to move from traditional 20th Century infrastructures such as roads to a low carbon 21st Century infrastructure. Telstra’s Dr Turlough Guerin ended the session with how Telstra is now helping its customers achieve sustainability while reducing cost and reaping the benefits of efficiency.

Read our coverage of each session after the break:

  • Dr Christopher Pavlovski, chief architect, technology & innovation, IBM Australia on why utilities are building their own smart grids
  • Graham Smith, general manager BT Australasia, Global Banking and Finance, on the benefits of practicing corporate sustainability
  • Leonard Chan, senior manager, future technologies, Macquarie Hosting on the transition from IT to the cloud
  • Graeme Philipson, found and chief research director, Connection Research on why the time for green ICT is now
  • Bruce McCole, principal consultant, Ericsson Australia on the need to move to a 21st Century infrastructure
  • Dr Turlough Guerin, group manager, Environment, Telstra on sustainability, telecoms applications, and the customer
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