ZTE Unveils ‘Vertical Broadband’ & Smart City Solutions

| July 22, 2016

ZTE Corporation, a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the Mobile Internet, today announced the unveiling of its vertical broadband solution (v2.0) at the fourth Connect To Connect Summit (C2C), 19th – 21st July, Pretoria, South Africa.

ZTE’s vertical broadband solution deals with the design and construction requirements of not only national backbone broadband networks, but also broadband networks for power, rail transportation, radio and television. Construction of broadband networks promotes the development of information within countries, cities and even enterprises which, in turn, imposes new requirements for broadband architecture, applications and management models.

As one of the world’s top information and communications technology (ICT) solution providers, ZTE launched a series of special solutions, such as vertical broadband and smart city at the C2C Summit. In addition, ZTE discussed the opportunities and challenges occurring during the process of information development within countries, cities and enterprises with experts from around the world and held workshops on the subjects of “Smart City – Wonderful World” and “ZTE Vertical Broadband Network Solution”.

Information development in a city or a country requires breaking free from traditional chains, by planning and managing smart cities on a unified platform in a unified way, communicating information among government departments, driving the development of a local software industry and solving other governmental matters such as social stability, traffic and attracting investment.

The ZTE pipeline solution and the application of an overall smart city solution transfers the urban “nerve endings” composed of handheld terminals, cameras and sensors to the control centre through urban infrastructure networks (communication networks, Internet and Internet of Things), building the urban infrastructure networks into a unified bearer network and realising network interconnection.

The solution can build a unified platform and set up an urban data centre to analyse and process big data, realising the growth and extension of the platform’s capability and applications. All sub-systems on the application layer share the same portal, which is beneficial for rapidly serving citizens and building new service-oriented governments.

ZTE will work with African governments and enterprises to build a roadmap for the development of the African ICT industry with the aim of constructing a more efficient and intelligent African continent with the help of smart technologies.

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