LG Uplus develops solar-powered LTE base stations

| June 27, 2016

LG Uplus is deploying solar-powered base stations to fill in gaps in coverage, according to a report in the Korea Times.

According to the operator, there are places in South Korea where power infrastructure is not available. The new solar power sites will bring mobile coverage to those areas.

“With this base station system, we can now connect LTE networks even in remote areas where cable-based networks are practically impossible to build,” LG Uplus Network Strategy Unit Vice President Heo Vitus told reporters in Daegwallyeong, Gangwon Province. “This will boost both cost-efficiency and eco-friendliness in expanding LTE networks in radio shadow zones.”

Coverage black spots in South Korea include remote national parks, where the government will not approve fixed cabling projects because it harms the environment, Heo continued. “But this energy self-sufficient system does not cause such massive damage to the environment. We hope that this will improve recognition with the government and help us secure permission.”

The base stations are supported by ESS batteries that storage enough power to operate up to 48 hours without full sunlight. Each solar panel from LG Electronics can provide over 300 watts of power in an hour.

“Our task will be developing base stations that consume less energy,” Heo said. “We plan to develop systems with only one-third the normal energy requirements and expand the application of this eco-friendly system to more than 20 areas including Cheongsan Island in South Jeolla Province.”

Source: LG Uplus develops solar-powered LTE base stations

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