A smart city’s common denominator is the network: Silver Spring Networks

| November 24, 2015

Smart city projects are happening in silos and missing the critical ingredient to bind them all together, says Silver Spring Networks co-founder Eric Dresselhuys in an article for the Energy Times.

“Many different stakeholders are buzzing about smart cities these days, and for good reason.  Implementing ‘smart’ solutions can dramatically improve safety, efficiency and economic competitiveness for all citizens,

“But many of these efforts are happening in silos, creating more heat than light in delivering real benefits at scale.  And, a critical stakeholder is often missing. The local utility may be deploying ‘smart’ in parallel and is already the established player responsible for providing critical infrastructure,” he said.

In his view, the common denominator is a network platform that can support and connect together all the other critical infrastructure, allowing the entire city infrastructure to interact with the community and with itself.

“Combining this open connectivity with open data will create new applications and value that we can’t even imagine today. The data from the platform can allow entrepreneurs, start-ups, and academia to invent a whole new raft of devices and applications.

“These innovations will help drive increasing sustainability and energy conservation, new smart city services in areas like transportation, health, safety and public infrastructure, and incentivize greater business and economic investment within a community,” he said.

Source: Visoin future city | connecting urban infrastructure

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