10 Smart Cities To Adopt IoT Data Platform

| November 11, 2015

Chicago-based start up Cityzenith says its IoT data visualisation tool, 5D Smart City, is being adopted by 10 major cities worldwide. According to the company, its tool helps organisations around the world, both government departments and commercial enterprises, “make sense of urban data – big and small.”

“Cities have produced more data in the past 2 years than in the previous 200, and 95% of that data is unstructured and hence, unused or underused,” notes Cityzenith’s founder and CEO, Michael Jansen. “Making sense of that data—aggregating it, analyzing it, and visualizing it—is one of the biggest challenges facing cities today.”

Over the last 12 months, the company’s user base has expanded to include all major regions in the world, with the exception of Africa and South America.

Major cities now deploying 5D Smart City include Chicago, Barcelona, Amsterdam, San Francisco, Washington DC, Mexico City, London, Singapore, Dubai, and Toronto.

According to Cityzenith, its technolgoy is designed to help cities connect, visualise and manage their data inside an interactive, intuitive, and real-time 3D simulation. The interface is easy to use for the mayor to the engineer in the field, featuring point and click, tap and swipe controls for navigating information and data.

The tool is also designed to tap into all sorts of data, including so-called Open Data, IoT device data, and even social media data. The system is also “lightweight” and works on any browser.

Inside 5D Smart CityTM, Smart Modules aggregate, connect, and investigate critical datasets across key verticals, including: infrastructure, security, and the environment. Customers deploy modules of their choosing and customise analytics to suit their needs.

  • 5D Smart Environment: Building energy efficiency and GHG emissions tracking.
  • 5D Smart Infrastructure: Physical infrastructure coordination and monitoring, above and below-ground.
  • 5D Smart Security: Public safety module leveraging real-time via sensors and CCTV.

For government users, 5D Smart City helps city department managers and staff work with complex data seamlessly.

“Cities, in part, can be characterized by the events that occur each day, from responding to constituent needs to the drinking water that flows underneath your feet,” Tom Schenk, Chief Data Officer of the City of Chicago said. “All of it needs to be understood by hundreds of city employees. Cityzenith is able to bring this information together to be seen by employees. Not just data analysts, but the business experts as part of their duties.”

For commercial enterprise users, 5D Smart City provides master developers, corporate real estate property owners, utilities companies, network providers, and telecoms an easy-to-use universal dashboard and single repository for all of their historical and operational data, including real-time IoT sensor telemetry, situated and presented in an intuitive 3D geospatial environment rich with city data.

Source: Cityzenith

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