India study evaluates the country’s smart city progress

| October 28, 2015

A study by a group of masters students and graduates at the Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology University in India aims to evaluate the progress of the country’s 98 designated cities to get funding as part of the government’s efforts to transform ICT infrastructure.

Not surprising, smaller communities (towns) scored much better than larger metropolitan areas in the initial phase, which involved the dissemination of smart city information to the population and engaging users on the projects.

The cities have been ranked based on the extent to which they have communicated and taken public feedback on their plans through three basic online platforms.

As the report in the India Express news site indicated, the study is still preliminary and more data is needed to really gauge smart city progress in India.

“We found that none of the existing indicators for public data openness could be applied directly in the Indian context. This is because most cities here are still not equipped with the kind of data available in other global cities. For instance, there is hardly any city-level data on per capita energy use, carbon emission or GDP,” CEPT professor Saswat Bandyopadhyay told India Express.

“In the global north, cities started using information and communications technology efficiently in the eighties and early nineties while Indian cities started one by one after a lag time of 15 years.”

Source: Evaluating preparedness of Smart City contenders: Smaller towns take early lead | The Indian Express

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