Smart cities need standards: researchers

| October 25, 2015

Smart cities need standards to work together, including some kind of coordination between different agencies working on projects.

According to a report from FCW, engineers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, current smart city projects are often isolated, leading to separate systems that don’t necessarily work together.

Chris Greer, senior executive for cyber-physical systems at NIST, pointed out that London has multiple smart city projects in progress, but they are all run by different agencies.

“The people involved couldn’t tell me who at the other agency was actually responsible for that project, and when I asked about how those things interact, the answer was, ‘Well, they don’t yet,’ as if they would someday, but exactly how you would get there, I don’t know,” he said. “You might have cities that are side by side that are solving transportation management through separate contractors and in completely different ways. If D.C. and Virginia and Maryland all have a different solution, the Beltway isn’t going to get any better anytime soon.”

Source: No smart city is an island — FCW

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