We are building Skynet with 5G: LG Uplus CEO

| July 21, 2015

Skynet, the massive computer intelligence that eventually creates Terminators to wipe out mankind could be just around the corner, according to the 5G vision from LG Uplus CEO Sangchui Lee.

According to Lee’s roadmap for fifth generation mobile networks, the mobile industry is now developing all the components to enable an application like Skynet.

“The internet is really a network of information. The key enabler is the network. But if you look closely, it is really something that is replacing human effort, it replaces your arms and legs,” he said. “It is now much easier to read a book in the Harvard library without going there.”

With 5G, the deployment of the Internet of Things is really about sensors, he continues. “This replaces human senses, enabled by high speed and massive connectivity.”

That will evolve to what Lee describes as the internet of thinking machines. In his view, massive advancements in compute power, storage, and high speed, low latency networking will enable applications to run across a massive global network.

When big data is applied to that infrastructure, together with advancements in artificial intelligence, the world will get an IoB, or the internet of brains. “This will be a network of brains, replacing logical and emotional thinking,” he said. “Obviously, we need to understand the human brain more, and big data, but we will reach Skynet… it is coming to you, maybe 20-30 years from now.”

The notions might seem a bit far fetched, but Lee has effectively mapped out what could constitute as a big global brain. After what is a human brain except a series of processors linked together by a network of nerves. The mysteries of consciousness aside, 5G could mirror the human brain, at least the physical aspect of the brain. Where are you, Sarah Connor!

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