Greenpeace “clicking green” report revisit

| June 11, 2015
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Greenpeace’s view of the carbon profile of the Internet’s hosting infrastructure

Above is a great visualisation of the carbon profile of the Internet’s hosting infrastructure from Greenpeace’s Clicking Green report. The data presents the level of renewable energy usage by the companies that deliver most of the applications and services, i.e. Apple, Google, Facebook, etc, and those that provide the physical locations to host those applications and servcies, i.e. Amazon, Equinix, and Digital Realty.

Apple topped the charts, according to Greenpeace, which gave the firm a full 100% in its company scoreboard on the use of renewable energy for data centres, and “As” for energy transparency, energy efficiency & mitigation, and renewable energy commitment, policy, deployment and advocacy. Interestingly, Apple wasn’t always the poster child for Greenpeace, which lambasted the iTunes operator for its energy policies a few short years’ ago.

In the latest Greenpeace report however, Apple beats second place Yahoo (73%) in the use of renewables by a wide margin, and is head over heels above other major Internet firms such as Facebook (49%), Google (46%), and Microsoft (39%).

The report also found a lack of progress towards the use of renewables for colocation companies. Digital Realty (18%), Telecity (18%), Equinix (15%), and Dupont Fabros (6%), all use renewable energy sparingly, relying on coal and natural gas for over half of its energy consumption.

As part of the report, Greenpeace also outlined key transactions by major ICT firms to purchased renewable energy. These include:

Renewable energy purchases by major ICT firms

Renewable energy purchases by major ICT firms

The extended report, which you can download at the end of this article, also makes some interesting insights, such as the fact that by 2017, 50% of the energy consumed by ICT will be from data centre and networks, compared to 35% in 2012. No doubt, services being increasingly deployed in the cloud is a major driver for this trend.

Get the full Greenpeace report here.

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