Tesla’s batteries to support 500MWh project for AMS

| June 5, 2015

Tesla has won a deal to supply 500MWh worth of its Powerpack battery system to Advanced Microgrid Solutions, who will install the units in commercial and industrial facilities, according to Energy Manager Today.

The business model for the project remains unclear. Instead of Powerpacks storing energy for use inside the facilities, AMS’ model seems to be to provide utilities companies with a reserve power storage resource, one which they can tap into during times of peak load.

According to Energy Manager Today, AMS secured 50MHs of contracts to build a grid scale energy storage project inside buildings for Southern California Edison, which aimed to use the power stored in the buildings as a virtual power plant to feed power back into the grid.

Source: Tesla Bags 500 MWh Energy Storage Deal with AMS – Energy Manager Today

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