Huawei innovation chief talks smart cities, reports Mobile World Live

| May 15, 2015

Mobile World Live reports that Huawei is making a strong push in the smart city space. The firm’s director of strategy and innovation told attendees at the Broadband Asia event that smart cities and related technologies are becoming a key growth area for the vendor.

While he acknowledges that emerging trends such as Internet of Things, cloud computing and others are now gathering a lot of information, much of that data is still siloed and not interconnected vertically.

“The journey is all about how you use the data, moving from using data to understanding what happened, to using it to change the future,” he said.

Interestingly, he asserts that telecoms services today are no longer enough to support the demands of smart cities.

“Cities like London are going to the likes of BT and saying ‘can you provide me with these services, because right now your portfolio is not what I really want’,” he said. ““Clearly from a telecommunications perspective, their needs are changing and a traditional telecoms portfolio of services is probably not what they want in the future. It’s the Internet of Things and the cloud of things that they’ll want over the next five years.”

Source: Smart cities: Beyond connectivity, it’s about changing the future, says Huawei innovation chiefMobile World Live

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