Greenpeace says YouTube, Netflix are destroyer of the environment because we love streaming so much…

| May 14, 2015

As we all know by now, Netflix and YouTube are bad for the environment because they make us get online and watch more cat videos and obscure movies that you would never watch if you had to pay the full price of a theater ticket.

“The rapid transition to streaming video models, as well as tablets and other thin client devices that supplant on-device storage with the cloud, means more and more demand for data center capacity, which will require more energy to power,” a new Greenpeace report said. “Unless leading Internet companies find a way to leapfrog traditional, polluting sources of electricity, the convenience of streaming could cause us to increase our carbon footprint.”

Like previous Greenpeace reports, the organisation ranked companies according to the big internet companies’ efforts to go green in terms of adoption of renewable energy. Apple top the Greenpeace’s chart due to their investment in solar and their transparency in their environmental efforts. Google and Facebook also did well.

On the other hand, the report’s author did identify video as the biggest culprit when it comes to eating up energy, as noted by the report citing data from Cisco’s VNI – you can check out the PCWorld report below for more details – hence, no-no for firms like Netflix and YouTube.

Source: Greenpeace fingers YouTube, Netflix as threat to greener Internet | PCWorld

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