It’s official, Tesla wants a battery for every home, business, utility

| May 1, 2015

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has unveiled a suite of batteries aimed at revolutionalising the energy sector.

“Our goal here is to fundamentally change the way the world uses energy. We’re talking at the terawatt scale. The goal is complete transformation of the entire energy infrastructure of the world,” he said.

For homes, the company launched the Powerwall, a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that will allow homes to store energy from the utility grid, enabling what the company calls “load-shifting”, effectively taking advantage of low load times to pull power from the grid for use during high demand periods.

Available in 7 kilowatt-hour or 10 kilowatt-hour versions, the batteries are priced from US$3000 each, and will also support home solar power systems. Musk said the batteries will have home aesthetics in mind and be “a beautiful sculpture on the wall.”

At the same time, Tesla also unveiled an utility-level product that comes in blocks of 100 kilowatt-hour units. Utilities will be able to group the units to achieve up to 10 megawatt-hours, according to the firm.

According to Bloomberg, Tesla is already supplying batteries to large corporations like Wal-Mart, Cargill, and Jackson Family Wines, and has secure pilot use of its batteries with and Target Corp.

Source: Tesla Launches Batteries for Homes, Businesses, Utilities – Bloomberg Busines

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