Intel backs firm developing tech to automate truck convoys

| April 29, 2015


Intel Capital, the investment arm of the chipmaking-giant, and Denso International America, a supplier of automative technologies, have joined the Series A investment round for Peloton Technology, a developer of a road transportation automation solution for truck convoys.

The companies have contributed US$16 million into Peloton, which develops technology for wirelessly linking together two trucks so they behave as a single unit.

The Peloton Truck Platooning System is a vehicle automation technology that electronically couples pairs of trucks through a combination of vehicle-to-vehicle communications, radar-based active braking systems and proprietary vehicle-control algorithms. The direct communication link between the two trucks enables the rear truck to automatically react to acceleration or braking by the front truck nearly instantaneously.

The company says this automatic and immediate reaction improves safety and allows trucks to travel at closer distances, which also improves aerodynamics and reduces fuel use on both vehicles.

Source: Intel, Denso Invest in Automated Truck Driving Technology · Environmental Leader · Environmental Management & Sustainable Development News

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