Verizon adds eco-labels to devices

| April 30, 2013

Diversity tree hands patternVerizon said it will start labelling the devices it sells with environmental performance data. Under the new scheme, Verizon’s devices will now feature ECO Specs Labels, which will highlight five key factors.

  1. The % of recycled content or FSC/SFI paper used in the packaging
  2. The % of recycled content in the Verizon Wireless Device
  3. Meets Verizon Wireless requirements for lack of industry-recognized hazardous toxins in the plastics and batteries
  4. Meets Verizon Wireless requirements for how efficiently the device uses energy
  5. Meets Verizon Wireless requirements for the recyclability of the device and its components

The ECO Specs Label will initially be available on a select number of devices, and expanded to all phones, tables and accessories at a later date, Verizon said.

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