Facebook offers real-time PUE readings for two DCs

| April 25, 2013

Ever since data centre energy efficiency made headlines for the amount of power they consumed, and the amount of carbon emissions they generated, major content providers like Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, and many others have stepped up their efforts to be more transparent when it comes to the environmental profile of their data centre infrastructure.

Now Facebook has taken yet another step to establish its environmental street-cred. Recently, the company released real-time PUE, or power usage effectiveness statistics for its data centres in Prineville and Forest City.

Presented in a management dashboard style page, the statistics for the social networking giants’ two major data centres are now available in real time – refreshed every minute – from, where else, Facebook. Available information include PUE, WUE (water usage effectiveness), as well as the outdoor humidity and temperature. Historical data is also available as charts spanning between 7 days to up to a year.

From the statistics, both of Facebook’s facilities are among the leaders in energy efficiency, with both Prineville and Forest City registering PUEs of less than 1.10. More importantly, the PUE performances of the two facilities were pretty consistent across the last three months – except between 15-24 March 2013 for the Prineville site, where PUE spiked uncharacteristically to above 1.52. Facebook didn’t exactly explained the inconsistency, but it seems to be an oddity rather than the norm.

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