Apple testing products for internal environmental compliance

| September 16, 2012

It’s one thing to rely on third party certification bodies like the EPA for the stamp of environmental approval, but Apple says it goes a step further by carrying out its own internal tests. As part of the launch of the new iPhone 5, Apple says that it goes as far as to carry out examinations on individual components of its products for environmental compliance.

According to Apple, it now “disassembles” products into individual components and materials in a Cupertino lab, and tests them “using many methods, including X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy and ion chromatography, to ensure “every product we release meets our environmental standards.”

What Apple is alluring to is the fact that each consumer electronic device, like a phone, consists of many different parts that are not necessarily produced directly by the maker. So even if Apple specifies what it expects from its supplier, there is no guarantee that no one is cutting corners.

And because of the complex supply chain involved, it is very difficult to ensure that all its suppliers actually deliver what is demanded by firms like Apple. By carrying out the tests and doing its own due diligence, Apple is essentially putting money where its mouth is, making sure nothing that doesn’t meet its standards gets slipped into its products.

Among the environmental credentials of the iPhone 5, it uses highly recyclable aluminum and glass.

Kudos for Apple for taking the time and spending the money to ensure its products are up to par to its own standards.

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