Sprint Nextel goes ecoEnvelope

| June 16, 2012

Sprint Nextel will be using “ecoEnvelopes” when sending its customers their bills, a move that the wireless operator says will save it up to US$500,000 and 447 tons of paper.

Over the span of a year, Sprint Nextel estimates that it will save 9,931,834 gallons of water, prevent 859,047 pounds of solid waste, and eliminate 2,692,185 pounds of CO2e.

The environmental savings are achieved through ecoEnvelopes unique design, which allows the same envelope to be used twice, once when retailers such as Sprint Nextel sends bills to their customers, and again when the end-users send back their payment.

While most envelopes can be used twice, the solution developed by ecoEnvelopes, founded by a former organic farmer and beekeeper, Ann DeLaVergne, greatly simplifies the process. Each ecoEnvelope comes with a patch that is used to display the address of the first recipient. Once received, the user simply peals off the patch to reveal a pre-printed return address, in this case, Sprint Nextel.

The use of ecoEnvelopes is part of a wider commitment by Sprint Nextel to improve its use of paper products, which now include: increasing purchase of certified paper to 90% by end-2012 and 100% by end-2017; increase suppliers’ compliance with the company’s social and environmental criteria to 50% by end-2012 and 90% by end-2017; increase recycled content in paper purchased to 10% by end-2012 and 25% by end-2017; and reduce the total weight of paper purchased by 30% and 40% by end-2012 and end-2017 respectively.

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