Polycom wins large Korean conferencing network

| April 27, 2012

Polycom has won a deal to supply its RealPresence Platform to 11 Korean office locations for Woori Investment and Securities.

“After installing Polycom video solutions, our meeting culture has changed for the better. Now, employees of the 11 offices can meet face-to-face on a moment’s notice, regardless of where they are, which has really contributed to raising productivity and streamlining our business processes,” said Dongsoo Kim, Assistant Manager of General Affairs, Woori Investment and Securities.

The new system has established a new conferencing culture in which real-time video collaboration is considered an important tool across the company to improve meetings, enhance training and development, support product launches, and speed decision making, the companies said. Woori is currently looking to expand Polycom’s video conferencing solutions to its overseas branches.

In addition, Woori is now exploring ways to drive further competitive advantage with Polycom video, including innovative uses of the technology to improve customer service levels by offering private banking services to remote and mobile customers anytime, anywhere. The Polycom video system also provides greater product accessibility for customers and support more convenient customer consultation in compliance with the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA). All financial institutions in Korea are required by the Financial Supervisory Service to follow the guidelines relating to the DDA and obtain appropriate certification.

According to Polycom, Woori selected its RealPresence Platform for its carrier-grade reliability, security, and scalability – supporting up to 25,000 concurrent sessions and 75,000 device registrations on up to 64 video servers. Another advantage is its open standards approach, which means more interoperability with other industry systems, and allows enterprises to extend existing video infrastructure investment.

Polycom’s system also uses the least bandwidth, the company said. “Because of Polycom’s many patented innovations (Polycom holds over 800 patents) and use of the H.264 High-Profile open standard, Polycom RealPresence video solutions use as much as 50-percent less bandwidth than competing solutions.”

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