Orange and Verizon interconnect telepresence networks

| April 22, 2012

Last week, Orange Business and Verizon interconnected their Telepresence networks so users on either network can dial into the end-points of both networks.

As you might imagine, one of the biggest issues with video communications is that there has so far been no universal numbering system, so even if both ends have video communications equipment, they can’t talk to each other unless someone provides the systems in between to link them up.

Skype, Gmail, Yahoo, MSN and many other social networks enable video calls amongst their user base, but for business users on high end video conferencing, or telepresence system, the networks are only starting to get connected.

By interconnecting their networks, it means that Orange and Verizon will now enable their customers to call across networks. More importantly, the deal represents Orange Business’ five interconnection with global carriers – AT&T, BT, Tata Communications, and Telefonica, all of whom are interconnected to at least one other peer.

That’s should add plenty to the network effect for Telepresence services. With each new node added to the global infrastructure, or in the case of the Orange and Verizon deal – whole networks, people will have more places to call, hence become more likely to make a call.

Orange is also making it easier to make those calls with a cloud-based service that won’t required extra network or equipment investment. Telepresence Pass allows enterprises with existing video communications equipment to access Orange’s meeting management and global network on a monthly subscription.

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