Metronode plans ultra efficient data centre with 1.14 PUE

| April 20, 2012

Metronode, the data centre operation of Australia’s Leighton group, unveiled ambitious plans to achieve PUE levels for its new Sydney and Melbourne sites that match the world’s most efficient facilities.

According to Metronode GM Malcolm Roe, the two sites will deploy a containerised data centre design from UK’s BladeRoom, as well as free air cooling that will allow the facilities to be cool without power for up to 98% of the year. The sites will use direct evaporative air-side economisation to cool its insides.

The original design of the Metronode sites was to use cogeneration from onsite natural gas plants, but the global financial crisis had delayed the original construction. When the project was brought online again, the company revisited the design and the technologies available, and decided to go with free air cooling. The result is a more efficient design that now puts the sites on par with some of the most efficient data centres in the industry.

Roe told the Australia Data Centre Summit, organised by CommsDay earlier this week, that the Melbourne facility will required cooling for only 2% of the time, and offer a PUE of 1.14. The Sydney site performs a little less efficiently due to difference in weather conditions, but Roe notes that by raising the operating temperature to 30 degrees, the same performance as Melbourne is achievable.

To give you an idea of the level of efficiency that Metronode is targeting, 1.14 is the average PUE score for Google’s data centres over a 12 month period. According to Roe, the average Australian government data centre has a PUE of 2.4, so Metronode will effectively be twice as efficient.

The sites will also use 30%-40% less water than data centres in places like New York and London, Roe said.

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