Iceland data centre kicks off with two customers

| February 15, 2012

Verne Global, the company that is building a wholesale data centre in Iceland has announced its first two customers – at least ones that are willing to go public. The company announced that CCP Games and GreenQloud have now decided to host at least some of their infrastructure in its facility in Keflavik, Iceland.

CCP Games is a developer of MMOG games, including the popular EVE Online, while GreenQloud is a UK company dedicated to sustainable cloud computing services. Both CCP Games and GreenQloud cite Iceland’s renewable energy source as a key factor in their decision.

For CCP Games, the decision was based on the fact that Verne Global can provide “long term power price visibility,” which will insulate the company against global fluctuations in coal and oil pricing. CCP Games also cites the location of Iceland, which is in the middle of its two main markets – Europe and the US, as another factor.

Iceland’s ability to deliver 100% renewable energy is a key enable for GreenQloud’s carbon neutral corporate mission.

“GreenQloud’s mission is to promote and sell easy to use, competitively priced, carbon neutral, cloud computing services to SMBs, SaaS providers, PaaS providers, enterprises, the public sector and high performance computing users,” said Eirikur Hrafnsson, co-founder and CEO of GreenQloud. “We will also let our customers see their live energy metrics and carbon savings so they can report these results as part of their own sustainability programmes.”

In addition to the first customers, Verne Global is ramping up momentum behind its service offering. It has enticed Colt Telecom, one of the biggest backbone operators in Europe to set up a POP in its facility, further making it easier for Verne Global customers to get international connectivity from Iceland.

Meanwhile, Verne Global has become somewhat of a major driver behind a new subsea cable system across the Atlantic. The Emerald Networks system will link New York with Ireland and then London, with branches into Iceland and down to Portugal. Configured at 40Tbps, the Emerald Networks system will bring at least 10Tbps of new, low latency, capacity into Iceland with its branching unit.

Not surprisingly, one of the biggest backers of the Emerald Networks system, the Wellcome Trust, is also a major backer of Verne Global.

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