Hong Kong’s advantage as a data centre hub…

| October 3, 2011

Following Google’s decision to build three new data centres in Asia, I dug up this oldish interview with Sunny Lee, Executive Director for IT at Hong Kong’s biggest ICT spender, the Hong Kong Jockey Club, on why Hong Kong’s a suitable location for data centres, and of course, cloud computing.

The interview is from May, at the eGovAsia conference here in Hong Kong, but it’s still very much relevant today.

There are no obvious surprises in what Lee says, but he does summarise very clearly the advantages of Hong Kong in Part 1, including reliable and relatively cheap power, low or no, tax for equipment imports, availability of skill workers, a reliable rule of law, and the fact that we are located far from the earthquake zones.

He also highlights the challenges for data centre operators in Hong Kong in Part 2, namely the availability of land. According to Lee, the solution is to rezone land and establish dedicated areas for data centres, which would lowered the cost of bringing in and developing the support infrastructure, such as the power utilities, fibre infrastructure and so on.

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