Why one law firm upgraded its video platform

| August 21, 2011

It is arguably the most important question for green telecoms practices. While it’s always good to get as much life out of existing resources as possible, there are just times when you simply need to upgrade to a new system, either for performance, cost, or efficiency reasons.

For Vedder Price, a Chicago-headquartered law firm, the decision was about performance when it upgraded its video conferencing system to Vidyo.

According to Vidyo, it was chosen to replace the firm’s legacy system which, according to the law firm, had become extremely limited in terms of flexibility and scalability. Vedder Price purchased and deployed the Vidyo system in October of 2010 after a thorough trial period in which they sampled Vidyo as a service to see if it would effectively satisfy the firm’s need to allow its lawyers and other staff to use the system for a variety of purposes between its three U.S. locations in Chicago, New York and Washington, D.C.

“Vidyo offers significant advantages over other options, allowing us to easily and affordably expand into the future with incredible geographic flexibility, interoperability, and the choice of using a variety of different devices to access video conferences,” said Maureen Durack, director of MIS at Vedder Price. “After using Vidyo, we realized that legacy systems are archaic solutions. Those companies can only go so far in re-engineering what they have. Vidyo’s one-of-a-kind SVC-based software platform with Adaptive Video Layering is a totally new approach that is much more suited for firms such as ours that have an immediate need for cost-effective, high quality video conferencing. With Vidyo we won’t have to worry about expansion and updating in coming years because they’re committed to staying on the forefront of technology and keeping up with new form factors such as mobile devices.”

According to Lonnie Horvat, Vedder Price’s Audio-Visual Systems Specialist, “When I was approached about testing Vidyo as a possible component of our Unified Communications strategy, I was already familiar with the Vidyo online demo but hadn’t put the actual equipment to the test. We rigorously tested the VidyoGateway, VidyoRouter, VidyoPortal, VidyoRoom Units and VidyoDesktop for nearly 3 months. Our conclusion was that Vidyo provided the best high-quality image with the smallest network footprint; equipment and infrastructure costs were considerably lower than any other comparable option, and Vidyo provided the most flexible solution for now and into the future.”

Vedder Price is currently using VidyoConferencing for daily interactions among the firm’s attorneys across all of its locations, ongoing continuing legal education trainings for Vedder Price attorneys, and for remote depositions with clients and outside firms in various cities around the world.

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