Nefsis moves video conferencing to the cloud

| March 27, 2011

Online video conferencing solutions developer, Nefsis, has announced what it calls a distributed cloud computing technology that intelligently virtualises online meeting rooms closer to participants. The advancement leverages the distributed nature of cloud computing and real time routing information to reduce roundtrip latency time for sessions and live data sharing over the Internet.

Infrastructure hardware solutions, such as video routers, MCUs and gateways, solve multipoint and proxy traversal challenges with on-premise equipment and high up-front costs. The latest cloud-based solutions take a new approach using distributed, dynamically responding resources to provide the same functional capabilities. These shared resource pools make video conferencing less expensive and easier to expand, the company said.

Nefsis takes cloud computing a step further by applying its proximity heuristics to dynamically allocate resources in real-time as close as possible to online meeting participants. The heuristics include physical geo-location, ping time to several potential virtual conference servers, resource load and availability, and more. By considering these factors and several others, Nefsis intelligently virtualizes each conference at the best location. This is markedly different from static data centers and hosted services, which do not respond in any meaningful way as employees move around and start conferences from different locations.

“The distributed nature of cloud computing brings automated load balancing, failover and scalability to a product category – video conferencing infrastructure – that has historically required high investment for a single point of failure and only a few ports for expansion. In other words, cloud computing is more cost effective and easier to expand, and you get some resiliency to boot,” said Allen Drennan, Nefsis Chief Technology Officer. “Our new, advanced proximity heuristics sets us apart from hosted services and less distributed cloud solutions.”

The state-of-the-art advances were made to the Nefsis global cloud through several recent phased-in updates and are available now to all Nefsis customers and free trial users. For a free 14-day trial of Nefsis Professional, visit

Press release: Nefsis Distributed Cloud Technology Accelerates Multipoint Video Conferencing — SAN DIEGO, March 24, 2011 /PRNewswire/ —.

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