Power Dynamics named Google PowerMeter integrated device partner

| September 27, 2010

PRESS RELEASE: (Boston, MA) September 21, 2010 – Powerhouse Dynamics, provider of the eMonitor (trademarked), the first intelligent, circuit-level home energy management solution, announced today that the eMonitorTM has integrated with Google PowerMeter to become a Google PowerMeter Integrated Device Partner.

The eMonitor online dashboard remains available for customers to view more detailed real-time power consumption at the circuit-level.

“Powerhouse Dynamics’ integrated device partnership with Google PowerMeter provides our customers with one more level of convenience in viewing home power consumption,” said Powerhouse VP of Business Development Tim Durant. “eMonitor allows homeowners to monitor their circuit-level energy usage and provides the intelligence needed for identifying easy and actionable steps in lowering energy use, saving money and keeping homes safe. We are committed to delivering total flexibility in how and where consumers can access their power consumption. iGoogle is one of the most popular homepages, so it makes perfect sense to provide this integration for our mutual users.”

Google PowerMeter, which can be accessed through any Internet connected device, enables eMonitor consumers to view whole home energy consumption from their iGoogle homepage. A secure, web-based iGoogle gadget allows eMonitor customers to access their power consumption on Google’s free energy visualization tool.

In order to view real-time circuit or appliance-level power use, users can log onto their online eMonitor dashboard to determine electrical power consumption, set-up and receive alerts, view analyses and diagnostics, and receive cost-saving recommendations.

About Powerhouse Dynamics
Powerhouse Dynamics’ eMonitor is the first intelligent home energy management solution, designed to monitor all uses and sources of energy in the home combining energy efficiency and renewable energy. The eMonitor uniquely monitors a home’s electrical power consumption at the circuit level providing ongoing analysis, diagnostics and alerts to deliver actionable intelligence at the level of granularity required for effective energy management. For more information visit www.powerhousedynamics.com.

About Google PowerMeter
Using energy information provided by utility smart meters or energy monitoring devices, Google PowerMeter is a free energy monitoring tool that enables users to view their home’s energy consumption while providing personalized energy-saving tips from anywhere online.

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