We’re back…

| May 24, 2010

After a couple of weeks deep in SQL and WordPress, Green Telecom Live is back. Not much has changed as you can see, but hopefully the new international hosting firm will provide better performance of the site to users in the US and Europe.

In the time the site was frozen due to the migration of the databases, we didn’t sit on our hands. Between database exports and imports and multiple installation and reinstallation of WordPress, I’ve been preparing Green Telecom Live’s first research report.

That report will look at all the telecoms companies listed in the 2009 Fortune 100 and their state of environmental performance, including their carbon reporting status, their carbon performance verses their business performance, and how they measure up against one another.

The executive summary of that report will be published here in the coming week or so, while the full report will be made available to subscribers of Green Telecom Live in June.

So slowly but surely, we’re back.

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