Ericsson ties CO2 to TCO

| April 30, 2010

Ericsson has released a new strategic paper that ties an operator’s network’s CO2 to the total cost of ownership in order to drive efficiencies.

According to Ericsson, telecom operators are increasingly recognising the need to reduce their environmental impact while pursuing business growth. The new approach by Ericsson, dubbed TCO2, now helps operators make better informed investment decisions that minimise both carbon emissions and cost of ownership.

Håkan Eriksson, CTO at Ericsson says: “The TCO2 approach is vital when considering alternative network designs and power-saving features, evaluating capacity enhancements and minimizing environmental impact, not to mention when improving competitiveness. I believe that those players not using a TCO2 approach will be at a significant disadvantage.”

TCO2 assesses the best combination of investment options for optimising energy efficiency, supporting operators’ environmental and business objectives.

“It simply helps them save money while reducing the impact on the environment,” Ericsson said.

One example cited by Ericsson is with Australia’s Telstra, who worked with Ericsson consultants to conduct a nationwide carbon and energy audit of its wireless network.

Mike Wright, Wireless Executive Director at Telstra says: “This study confirmed the benefits that Telstra is achieving through initiatives that have already been implemented. The study also identified the opportunity for us to reduce CO2 emissions by up to an estimated 30 percent in the radio access network and an estimated 56 percent in the core network. We are continuing to work with our partners to identify further opportunities to reduce our carbon intensity levels, as we work to achieve our company-wide target to reduce our carbon emissions intensity by at least 10 percent by 2015.”

The development of this new approach is part of how Ericsson works to constantly increase focus on energy efficiency in our products and services portfolio, helping customers reduce their environmental impact and costs, Ericsson said.

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