Equinix’s energy efficiency measures at new London IBX

| April 4, 2010

eqix_ld5Equinix revealed the energy efficient measures at its new London facility, dubbed the LD5 IBX data centre. Located on the outskirts of London next to its existing LD4 facility, the new data centre will adapt a series of features to maximise its energy efficiency and reduce overall power consumption.

These include “fresh air cooling for all of LD5’s UPS and plant equipment, as well as variable speed secondary chilled water pumps and high efficiency fan within the CRAC (computer room air conditioning) units. The equipment has also been designed to respond to favourable climate conditions. In colder weather, outside air is used to chill the water that cools the data centre, reducing the cost and energy usage traditionally associated with the process.

The new facility will add 75,347 square fee of gross data centre space, enough capacity for 1,400 cabinets, in its initial phase. When fully deployed, LD5 will add
290,625 square feet of gross space, enough for some 5,600 cabinets, the company said.

No further information on the facility’s energy efficiency performance metrics, such as PUE, were disclosed.

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