High fuel costs drive SMBs to mobile – 3 Mobile report

| July 29, 2008

By Sonia Han, Communications Day

A new report from 3 Mobile has claimed that small businesses are boosting mobile usage to drive down fuel expenses.

The study ‘Petrol, Business Mobility and Communications’ surveyed 1278 businesses nationwide. 93% of respondents believe that rising petrol costs are impacting their organization and approximately 40% of them said this had an effect on their decision to purchase mobile communication products. 70% of the respondents said that their usage of telecoms technologies (specifically mobile broadband) would increase over the next 12 months.

“More affordable rates along with simplified technologies mean that small businesses can now adopt and deploy these technologies more affordably and with less of a management burden,” said 3 business sales GM Michael Cheshire.

The study also discovered that nearly half (47%) of respondents are already using mobile broadband solutions, while 64% anticipate an increase in web and email access via the mobile phone in the next 12 months. According to the report, besides rising petrol prices, other market factors impacting Australian businesses are rising interest rates (70%), staff retention costs (61%) and business taxes (58%).

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