Huawei joins green movement with base station solution

| January 30, 2008

China’s Huawei Technologies has launched a new solution that promises to reduce base station power consumption by 60%.

Huawei’s Green Site Solution uses optimized hardware design, an innovative power amplifier and power consumption management, to help operators realize a high level of power saving.

The solution adopts leading power amplifier technologies, including DPD and A-Doherty, that boost the power efficiency of base stations by 45%, hence reducing the overall power consumption of the facilities. It also uses a distributed architecture that allows 20W base stations to have the same output frequency coverage as traditional 40W base stations, as well as high-efficiency power amplifier technologies that make convection cooling, direct cooling, and intelligent cooling technology in a base station possible.

This reduces the need for air-conditioners that cause noise pollution and helps to reduce a base station’s electricity consumption to less than 500W. Huawei’s Green Sites Solution is also able to be integrated with environmental friendly energy sources such as wind, solar power, and methane.

“Huawei has always been committed to looking after the environment,” said Yu Chengdong, president of Huawei’s Wireless Product Line. “As one of the leading telecom equipment and solutions providers, we are putting this goal into practice by designing environmental friendly products.”

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